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Mino ware

White Yunomi Japanese Teacup

White Yunomi Japanese Teacup

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The White Yunomi Japanese Teacup has a timeless design, and is the most popular type of vessel for daily tea drinking in Japan.

This elegant Mino ware teacup is ideal for enjoying hojicha with all of the senses. After listening to the gentle sound of the tea being poured, the vibrant color of hojicha can be easily admired in the light interior. The small ceramic cup is taller than its width, which helps retain both the heat and aroma of the tea.

Since the teacup has no handle, its warmth can be felt when it is held. As it is brought closer, the concentrated aroma of the hojicha soothes. Finally, each sip delights as the smooth glaze helps to maintain the true flavor of the roasted tea.

Origin: Made in Japan
Dimensions (approx.): W 6.5 cm x H 8.7 cm
Capacity: 200 ml

Please expect and embrace slight variations in the glaze.

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