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Yasaburo Tanimura

Plum Charm Chasen (Limited Edition)

Plum Charm Chasen (Limited Edition)

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The Plum Charm Chasen is a bamboo tea whisk featuring a red and silver charm inspired by the Japanese plum blossom.

Handcrafted by chasen master Yasaburo Tanimura, this authentic tea whisk is made from black bamboo using a centuries old technique. The Plum Charm Chasen is made even more precious, as it is adorned with a unique plum blossom charm. Each graceful flower charm is made by hand from thread using the traditional Japanese artform of Kumihimo.

As the first to bloom during the early spring season, the Japanese plum blossoms symbolize renewal and good luck. This makes the Plum Charm Chasen the perfect gift for those looking to bring their loved ones some good fortune.

Prepare a deliciously smooth bowl of hojicha by first softening the bristles in hot water. Then whisk up 1 teaspoon of Hojicha Powder and 60 ml of 80°C (175°F) filtered water using a swift zigzag motion without applying any downward pressure. Rinse the bristles and let the Plum Charm Chasen fully dry before storing in a cool, dark, and dry place.

Made in Japan. Please expect and embrace slight variations in color, size, or shape since this item is crafted from natural bamboo. Comes in its original box with a stamp of authenticity issued by Japan's Traditional Craft Industry Promotion Association.

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